Meet the Superheroes!


Co-creators MARC A HUTCHINS and IAN GRAHAM are a filmmaker and writer team whose mission is to create family entertainment that promotes traditional values, doesn’t compromise, and doesn’t suck. You can learn more about our mission by visiting Avendale Entertainment.

Our Story

Marc and Ian met one mid-summer afternoon in 2014 at a McAlister’s in Roanoke, VA. Marc was between productions and Ian was seeking information on turning his books into scripts. Once Marc slapped a concept note for Stellar on the table, Ian was sold. Though originally written and developed as a feature film, the duo took to developing Stellar as a book series.

Now on a quest to change the landscape of family media, Marc and Ian have created Avendale Entertainment to produce book series and other media for the entire family to enjoy.

Marc A Hutchins


Marc began his journey as a self-taught filmmaker who finds his groove in development and production, with a focus on creating quality entertainment for the entire family to enjoy together. As a real-life superhero, Marc raised 8 children with his wife… and they all survived their childhood.

Ian Graham


Ian Graham is a full-time author and entrepreneur with an interest in politics, history, and religion. The stories and characters he writes about are centered on the explosive conflicts created when the three intersect. He is a firm believer in being yourself… unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.