Meet Stellar — urban crime fighter who tackles injustice with swift and decisive action, carrying the burden of freeing society from oppression, fighting for the weak and wounded.

She is brave.

She is beautiful.

She is just a comic book character… or at least she was.

Macy Davis is an athletic high school student with an eye for Patrick Newell, the young artist who created Stellar. When Macy’s best friend, Keri Cartwright, Discovers Patrick’s comic book heroine, she convinces Macy to masquerade as Stellar — because to Macy, Stellar is Patrick’s perfect girl. But when Macy dons a homemade costume to surprise Patrick at the Halloween Dance, her debut takes an unexpected twist and the debut is more than anyone, including Macy, could have ever imagined.

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Assuming the role of a superhero, Macy Davis masquerades as a comic book character created by the boy she has a crush on, entering a world of danger and adventure.


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Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover library editions


Macy, Keri, Patrick, Grandad, and Stellar share a journey of danger and discovery, fighting for the community of Port Saint Dominic.


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What others are saying about STELLAR.

Fun and gripping story! Entertaining for adults and still appropriate for kids, which is a hard combination to find. I loved reading Stellar and I’m waiting for the series to grow!
Rachael O.
Social worker
Stellar is an exciting adventure from beginning to end, drawing you further in with every page. It's refreshing to see a relatable, inspiring, and empowering heroine.
Rachel K.